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Frictionless, Secure and Private

keyBlock delivers a paradigm shift in crypto assets with zero transaction fee, frictionless, real-world indexed, stable value crypto asset and vault services.

keyAssets are mathematically solid, unique, limited and tangible digital bullion you can see, each with a mapped claim and title deed and, just like gold or silver bullion, they are traded by physical change of ownership.

keyAsset value is seeded when minted at the current Trade Price, the real-world indexed price at the current Trade Discount.

Frictionless Money
keyBlock is Frictionless Crypto Money.
No transactions, zero transaction fees and zero account keeping fees.
Ultimate Privacy
There is no ledger, account or transaction log.
No personally identifiable information is stored, not even email address.
Absolute Security
A new class of Hyper-dimensional Security.
Asset Titles and Seals secured in Hyper-dimensional Crypto Vaults.
Trade Discount
Each day the previous days trade discount is reduced by 0.1%
so today's trade price is better than any future trade price.
A Snap to use
Fast, easy and intuitive to use.


keyLion The keyBlock coin indexed to $US.
keyBitcoin Off-blockchain Bitcoin. Indexed 1:1.
keySilver Indexed to current Silver Bullion price.
keyGold Indexed to current Gold Bullion price.
keyToken keyBlock Platform Token.

keyBlock Code

  1. New keyAssets are only minted when purchased.
  2. hyperMines are scaled to match real-world availability.
  3. keyAsset minting prices are indexed to
    corresponding real-world prices.
  4. Indexed keyAsset prices are discounted
    with the Trade Discount.
  5. There are no keyAsset transaction or transfer fees.
  6. keyBlock stores no personally identifiable data.
  7. keyBlock stores no transaction/transfer audit trail.
  8. keyBlock donates 10% to Oceanic Plastic Cleanup Projects.